2000 Annual Conference

Philosophy in the Contemporary World
Society for Philosophy in the Contemporary World
7th Annual Conference – July21-27, 2000
YMCA of the Rockies, Estes Park, Colorado
FRIDAY, JULY 21: Registration & Reception 7pm


Session I: Chair Jeff Jordan

8:30 – Robin Podolsky
Essence or Perspective? The Beloved in Levinas.

9:30- Laura Duhan Kaplan
Body, Mind, and Breath: a mystical perspective.

10:30- Ralph D. Ellis
Heidegger and Marcel on Self-deception and the Elasticity of Hope.

11:30- Marie Fleming
Gadamers Instrumentalist View of the Other.

Session II: Chair Stiv Fleishman

1:30- Patricia J. Thompson
Feminism and Perspectivism: Dual Domains in Everyday Life.

2:20- Ellen C. Landers

Maintaining Awe and Managing Terror: Assessing Philosophys Role as a Cultural Worldview in Soloman, Greenberg, andPyszczynskis Terror Management Theory.
3:30- Brooks S.H. Siegal
The Choices of a Character.

4:30- Jeff Jordan
God and Pointless Evil.


Session III: Chair: Andreea Deciu

8:30- Dennis Miller
Philosophy and Everyday Life.

9:30- A. Chadwick Ray
Contractualsim and Reasonable Rejectability.

10:30- Susan Youngblood
Perceptual Hierarchies: an Interpretation of  Alienation.

11:30- James Stacy Taylor
Surveillance, Privacy, and Autonomy.

Session IV: Chair: Carmela Epright

1:30- Alex Moseley
The Ethics of Military Intervention.

2:30- Ronald Sandler
Against an Obligation of Humanitarian Military Intervention.

3:30- Ashley K. Fernandes
Hegel on Capital Punishment: a critical analysis.

4:30- Raymond Kolcaba.
Human Obsolescence: a dialog.
With: Katharine Kolcaba as  The Narrator
Raymond Kolcaba as  Becket Geist
Richard VanDerveer as  Fortran McCyborg
Jill VanDerveer as  Nonette Naturski


Open to all members.

MONDAY, JULY 24: Day in the Park

Session V: Chair: Laura Duhan Kaplan

8:00 pm- Paul Churchill – A Defense of Toleration as a Virtue.

TUESDAY, JULY 25: Epistemology and Ethics

Session VI: Chair: Stiv Fleishman

8:30- Houghton Dalrymple
Perception, Consciousness, and Objective Knowledge.

9:30- Michael Ming Yang
Reference, Translation and Ontological Relativity.

10:30- Herman Stark
Logic and Social Criticism.

11:30- Noel Boulting
The Reification Problem: One Conception or Three?

Session VII: Chair: Chang-Seong Hong

1:30- Anita Ho
Ethical Issues of Unequal Access to Health Care Services.

2:30- Nance Cunningham
Infants Right to Withdraw Remains Even When Parents Have Given Consent to Research.

3:30- Mary Lyn Stoll
Re-evaluating Illness: a Heideggarian Approach.

4:30- Simon Glynn
Why Brain Physiology and behaviorism are Inadequate to Psychology.


Session VIII: Chair: Ed Grippe

9:30- William B. Griffith
Public Lands, Property Rights, and Intergenerational Justice.

10:30- Scott Friskics
Reflections on a Life of Dialogue with Nature.

11:30- Francis E. Gill
Moral Reasons and Sympathy.

Session IX: Chair: Jeff Jordan

1:30- Ellen M. Maccrone
Interpersonal Trust and Its Ethical Significance.

2:30- Krassimir Stojanov
Post-traditional Community and Global Education.

3:30- Anja-Silvia Goenig
An Idea for Humanistic Research 2000 in Educational Philosophy.

4:30- Neil Cooney
Pleasure in Aristotle