2007 Annual Conference

SPCW Annual Conference 2007

Program Schedule


Thursday, July 19


12:30-1:00              Registration


1:00-2:00               Lunch & Opening Reception


2:00-3:30               Session 1:  Welcome to Morelia and Universidad Latina de America
Jose-Antonio Orosco, Karen Bardsley, & Trudy Conway, Opening Remarks
Victor Vargas, “The Democratic Deficit in Mexico’s Political System.”


3:30-3:45               Break


3:45-5:15               Session 2:  Technology & Tradition
George A. Teschner, “Globalization and the Technological Paradigm.”
Janet Donohoe, “Virtual Memorials/Global Places?”



Friday, July 20th
9:00-9:30       Coffee & Conversation


9:30-11:00              Session 3:  Just War Theory
David Chan, “The Importance of Jus In Bello”
Lani Roberts, “Last Resort, Moral Imagination and War.”


11:00-11:15             Break


11:15-12:45             Session 4: Globalization and Terrorism
J. Jeremy Wisnewski, “Violence, Terrorism, and Corporate Colonialism.”


12:45-2:00              Lunch


2:00-3:30               Session 5:  Economic Globalization & International justice
Sandy Reiter & Paul L. Glezen, “Moral Loopholes in the Global Economic Environment.”
David Willhoite, “Ercel and the Anti-sweat shop movement.”


3:30-3:45               Break


3:45-5:15               Session 6:  Culture & Selfhood
Kim Diaz, “Cosmopolitan Identity and Human Rights.”
Roberto Mantilla Sahagun, “Los Retos de la Justica Frente a la Identidad Global/ The Challenges of Justice for Global Identity.”



Saturday, July 21st
9:00-9:30       Coffee & Conversation


9:30-11:00              Session 7:  The Global Community & Supranational Institutions
David I. Gandolfo, “The Ethical Threshold:  Minimum Requirements for a Non-Neocolonial Globalization.”
Mark Sanders, “Royce and Dewey on Conflict Resolution and Community.”


11:00-10:15             Break


11:15-12:45             Session 8: Immanuel Kant on Nations, Respect and Race
Monica Greenwell Janzen, “Civic Virtue in a Kantian Federation of Nations.”
Joris van Gorkom,  “Immanuel Kant on Racial Identity.”


12:45-2:00              Lunch


2:00-3:30               Session 9:  President & Co-chair’s Presentations
Trudy Conway, “Reflections on the Executing of an Executioner”
Jose-Antonio Orosco, “Upholding the Law of all the Greeks:  Lessons on Humanitarian Intervention from Euripides.”


3:30-3:45               Break


3:45-5:00               Business Meeting


Sunday  22nd , July 2   9:00-6:00               Organized Tour of Patzcuaro, Tzintzuntzan, Santa Clara


Monday, July 23rd
9:00-9:30               Coffee & Conversation


9:30-11:00              Session 10:  Aiding Others
Mandy Bosma, “Aiding the Poor in a Globalising World: Duties and Demandingness”
Stan van Hooft, “Subsistence Rights and Moral Realism.”


11:00-11:15             Break


11:15-12:45             Session 11:  Human and Non-human Rights
James Irving, “Self determination, Human Rights & The Basis of International Law”
Jack Weir, “Rights, Moral Rights and Animal Rights.”


12:15-2:00              Lunch


2:00-3:30               Session 12: Globalization & Religion
Paul S. Penner and Patricia Diaz Herrera, “Globalization, Protestant Conservatism and the Mexican Case.”
Robert Metcalf, “Examining Religion Globally”


3:30-3:45               Break


3:45-5:00               Session 13: Group Discussion
“Is there, and/or should there be, a sense of shared identity amongst all citizens of the “Americas?”  Facilitator:  Karen Bardsley